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RGM - One stop shopping for your IT needs

Over the years we have developed a wide array of services, which now cover all the business needs of a typical small or medium enterprise. Below is an outline of services provided.

Cloud platform

RGM TABS is a HA SaaS framework which enables deployment of customer specific interfaces and processes on standardized platform thus enabling development to focus on business logic and interfaces instead of lower level procedures. All new software developement in RGM is done on TABS environment.

TABS is running on 24/7/365 monitored, guarded and secured in premises using latest server and network technology.

Software developement

Customer demand for clear and easy-to-use software has driven RGM software developement since 2008. Our strength is down-to-earth software engineering process, in which we focus on meeting customer's business needs, use extensive prototyping and fast developement. This no-frills approach has enabled us to tackle some seemingly highly complex software problems.

Telephony services

Telephony was one of the first services RGM offered. We provide our customers with PBX and PSTN services, PBX management and all relevant hardware. Out typical customer is a small company with need for more complex telephony servce on one hand but lacking extensive budget for enterprice solutions. Our service ranges from basic calls to callcenter-like call routing with all the bells and whistles.

VoIP equipment

Hardphones: Avaya, SNOM, Grandstream. PBX: Avaya, Innovaphone.

Network management

For our telephony customers we also provide whole network management from basic switch configuration to custom VPN solutions.

Network equipment

We represent Cisco, Nortel and Lucent.

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